Check my Profile for the song (Stygian Parade). Its sort of my usual thing (Heavy funky post rock stylings) but i've got a snazzy new effects pedal which is giving me a lot of cool tones. I'm just getting used to getting the most out of the pedal with recording and EQ'ing and i was wondering if anyone had anything to point out.

Any crit regarding the song structure, composition etc is welcomed.


Sorry for the double post, should of probably put this in the 'original recordings section'... its my first time in this part of the UG wood and i havent slept at all. so forgive me.

EDIT: please go to this thread peeps...

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next time you can either PM a mod of the forum (myself or mikeyElite) and we can move it for you. you can also report your thread and ask for someone to move it. anyway, i appllaud someone for actually realizing they made a mistake and trying to fix it