Hi, i've been playing guitar for 2 - 2.5 years now I believe. I am 15 years old.

This is a piece i wrote recently, I based it around (as the title shows!) winter, the cold and glum.


It is very simple but, yanno! haha

I'll happily take all criticism, as long as it's constructive!
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Loved the start. I think as a whole, it would sound magnificent with a tasteful solo over.

The more melodic part (00:28), while a nice change of style, didn´t feel "convincing" - might be down to the playing, not sure.

The tremolo-bend at 00:46 felt quite awkward, no offence Done a bit more carefully it could be nice. I liked the one at the end better.

The flanger effect (or whatever it was) was interesting, didn´t fit in to 100% imo, but definitely added something.

The ritardando/slowing down towards the end was a bit too drastic and felt a bit awkward in my opinion, I´d use it more in moderation.

Hope I didn´t come off sounding harsh, I think you got some great stuff in there, but the execution could be a bit better.

Again, I´d love to see a lead part over this, might not be where you wanna go with it though!

Critique back?

EDIT: clarified a thingy
Thanks alot, you defo didn't sound harsh, and even if so It's help!

I agree with with the tremolo bend ahah! and i defo will take the rest of the advice!