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Check my Profile for the song (Stygian Parade). Its sort of my usual thing (Heavy funky post rock stylings) but i've got a snazzy new effects pedal which is giving me a lot of cool tones. I'm just getting used to getting the most out of the pedal with recording and EQ'ing and i was wondering if anyone had anything to point out.

Any crit regarding the song structure, composition etc is welcomed.


Excellent recording and mixing. Those drums sound wonderful, im guessing they arent samples/machine? Honestly all your guitar tones sound great, the only thing I can point out is that some of the reverby-trem-picked parts (especially the one ending at 3:46) could be louder. This has a very post rock feel but its also got a bit of a Mars Volta/Prog edge coz of the funky bass riff. Excellent work!

Ive got some post-y stuff going on here if youre curious:
^ thanks man.

The drums are samples. But i didnt make them :-)

Yeah i've got a few bits where the EQ is a bit out of whack, the guitars are a bit thin, could use re-recording and selective EQ'ing.

Really appreciate the criticism!