I finally set up my gear in a way that allows me to record easily and latency free.
It does give a crappier tone but it's fixable with some EQ'ing.

This is the first thing that I recorded as soon as I got the possibility. Everything's improvised and I recorded it part by part. Didn't feel like messing with it too much, just layed down the essential guitar parts.

Do tell what you think about it as a song idea.


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Songs pretty good for like a humour song. You can obviously play but as a song itself it didnt really rock my boat...

I'd like to see what happened if you expanded on it a bit and tried to get away from the central theme (which totally does *sound* like an evil puppit).

awesome playing though
^i agree with him a great deal.

the guitar tone imo needs more high, and to really "sing".

try to brighten it up maybe.

and at 1:20 or so, i was just like.... oh... more of this... ok...

I woulda just thrown that run you have at the end at 1:20, and then worked from there..

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Well the main idea wasn't to make a properly arranged song but to record ideas that can be used for in the song and by no means neceseraly in this order.
I wish to get some comments on the parts themselves and which ones are worth developing and which ones aren't.

Define humour-song?

The tone has really no importance here. I don't use this tone for recording songs so this is good enough for idea-storing.

I'm checking your stuff out right now
Only part that diddnt grab me was the first solo part, ~:24. Rhythmically it just doesnt match. It would be nice to have that arpeggio in the background a little louder in the mix. Im really liking your tone around 1:22 and on; sounds alot like Vai with all those grace notes and whammy. I would return to the minor key melody after that though; ending the song on such a positive note feels weird IMO. Your tone needs some reverb (just a bit) to stand out, I think, and maybe a little more high end. Its a prety solid tone though.

c4c? "Paths"
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Thanks Will.

That was definatly the kind of crit I needed. Locating parts that aren't that good and giving tips on how to improve them.
I'm a bit in a hurry and gonna get late to school if I don't get going, so Imma crit your track when I come back home.

I think I'll try finishing this tune in this demo format since I'm getting the whole picture for it now and I think it's an interesting idea.