This song Is a pretty long song, and has a few elements of progressive metal, but it's not very progressive fully, so that's why it's just "prog" metal. It's sort of hard to classify this song because of how much variety is in it.

Anyways, C4C. Go at it.

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Wow. Great song. I like the guitar work a lot. And yes, for as much as I want to classify this song, it only gets closer to prog metal. Man, I don't have a lot to say about it, just that it's really good. Both leads work together perfectly, the bass isn't simple at all, but groovy and entertaining, and there's a lot to do if you're drumming along to the song.

I probably didn't help at all, but there's my crit. Congratulations, excellent song. 10/10

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Megalomaniac, I'd prefer it if you actually, you know, listened to the whole song before critting? :/
That was fantastic, dude. The intro was beautiful and segued into the song perfectly. The way all the guitars worked together was awesome, the leads and the rhythms complemented each other perfectly. At no point did one seem to contradict the other or feel disconnected from the overall feeling of the part. Outstanding bass material, as well. Overall, the song had an awesome sense of melody and even at its most frenetic it managed to flow and maintain that balance between "metal" and melody. Great stuff, man. This seems to be a style that a lot of people are going for these days, but not many people pull it off this well.

I'll do a full review.

The first bit of clean guitar was great. It reminded me of a rainy day, and it was beautifully melodic. When the synth comes in, it adds a kinda November Rain feel.

The second bit with the strings and guitar one kinda made the song get sadder. Which is a good build up.

The bass adds a nice lower register, which I like. The drums are good. Not over done. But simple and workable.

Measure 24 when the guitar comes in is really nice. Subtle but complimentary. I like the unison bends. And the fast lick.

The ritard is very nice, and how you fade in the guitars is pretty cool.

Measures 41 to 59 are good. They maintain a simple chord movement. Drums are nice. The bass work at 60 onwards is tight and solid. Drums are still moving nicely. 64 to 66 chord change was brilliant, I thought. As was 68 to 70 and 70 to 72.

The little 75 diddy was pretty cool.

76 to 94 was solid. Nothing spectacular. I liked it though.

Bridge A1 had some nice riffing.

The A2 built up very nicely. It kinda started moving. I liked that transition.

The 3/4 Bridge was kinda mediocre. Nothing too special. Not bad, but not outstanding.

Through the Heart had a nice riff. Maybe a bit too metal core for my taste. But when the band enters. It's really solid.

The 5/4 part is kinda cool. But the 4/4 bit is cooler.

The solo was nice. Nothing spectacular. But good. It's probably the MIDI. Small Break B had a nice harmony. I like those fade ins.

Out of your heavy part of the song, B1 has been my favorite so far. The chord prog is nice. B2 is really cool too.

Forever to the End is really good riffing. When the band comes in it completes the sound. Nice job.

The 163 onwards bass rhythm is really cool.

Bridge C is really tight.

Bridge D is kinda an extension, nothing special.

The synth part is really great.

Great chords.

I don't normally give these, but this song deserves a 10/10, and I'm not usually a fan of this type of stuff.

Great job.

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My god...

I wish I could say something, but I cant really say much. It's an excellent piece. The outro was probably my favorite part, because of the bass work.

In fact, throughout, I really really love how the bass and drums work together, as opposed to just try to follow the guitars. It makes for a really nice rhythm, especially in the more technical parts.

The only thing I can say is that this isnt really my style, so some of the more technical, shreddy riffing wasnt really my cup of tea, and I also thought the song needed more synth. The synth was under-utilized; I liked it in the beginning and the end, but it could be so much more too, if it was used throughout the song.

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