Hi guys, im relatively new to bass and as such, I'm looking for some advice.

The background : My first bass was an absolute cheapey i got off a friend for £15, the neck is bowed to hell and its not worth the money it will cost to fix it.

The problem : The neck of this guitar bowing and of a previous strat style electric guitar i had both bowed, and both were maple necks. Im trying to find out if my problems are coming from cheap guitars made of maple or maple in general before i go buy my replacement. Id rather not waste £229 on a new guitar only to have it bow on me in a few months and i really want a new bass :P

Thanks, Anthrax
Do you mean maple NECK or maple FRETBOARD?
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Maple neck. The cheap electric was all maple and the bass was maple neck with rosewood fingerboard.
i dont think its the maple you just bought a cheap guitar. There are many high end guitars with maple necks/ fretboards.
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I'm pretty sure maple necks aren't more inclined to bow than any other wood. They were probably just cheaply made or subjected to lots of change in weather.

The Ibanez GSR200 is a great bass to start on. Maple neck and all.
Thanks guys, i kinda thought it was just the cheap guitars but wasnt sure.

For a replacement, Ibanez SR300 or Yamaha RBX374?
Out of curiosity, did you bother to adjust them when the weather changed? Some shops will charge out the wazoo for a simple fix that's as easy as turning a hex key.
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To be honest no I didnt adjust them with the changing weather, wouldnt have considered it for a second, not living in scotland anyway.

Also, I use the shop often enough for different things and I can see the massive bow in it, its a complete replain job. Fret stone and profile im sure they said. The electrics are also a bit naff in it but thats something ive found to be a trait of the bass itsself.
I like necks with laminates very much.

solves the problem.
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I am posting this picture for 2 reasons.
1. It looks gorgeous and I wish I had the 15,000USD to buy it and
2. It has a maple neck and is very definitely a high-end instrument
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yeah maple is not bad it is actually quite good
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