how the hell does it work there only a one input no send or return
could someone tell me how this "series" system works ???
Hi I have the Mofo and was able to figure it out with previous knowledge of music Man amps that had the same system, I even managed to find my old stereo leads.

Goes like this:
A stereo 6mm jack is connected to the effects input, this then splits to a 'Y' lead of 2 x mono 6mm jacks that go either end of your effects. Send return is self evident when you connect - no sound, switch them around and mark them for next time.

This system is apparently in common use for rack systems and studios, bit baffling for simple guitar players like us.

this is especially useful on modulation effects and reverb, all of which sound a bit stressed going straight into an overdriven amp, the loop seems to me to resolve this to a large extent. I rate this amp, it replaced a Blues Junior an Rivera M60 to become my only amp for practice and gigs. the stealth switch is terrific carving down the power without loosing the muscle. I have it through a Marshall 1922 compact 2x12 and it sounds big and tight. I played through a Vox 112 NT with a Greenback tonight and that also sounds great, sweeter and more organic, only 25 watts so rehearsals not gigs - I guess.