i bought it and im waiting to get it. but i changed my guitar preference just a little bit. i began playing cleaner stuff alot more often. i want a sound like rchp...Do you guys think that this amp can get me a sound like that? also what guitar for around 400-500 can be good for stuff like as i mentioned before, red hot chili peppers, protest the hero, and jazZ? thanks
If your main focus is RHCP... no I would say get a different amp. If you play mostly stuff like Protest the Hero, the 6505+ combo will do alright, you're not going to get the greatest RHCP tone, but it will be decent if you're not playing it seriously. I wouldn't even touch a 6505 for Jazz though.
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What amps around that range can be good then that can give me a protest the hero and rhcp achievement?
I say the classic 30.
Great amp.

Or maybe a Roland jazz chorus(not just for jazz)
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+1 for Classic 30.

Also, a Bugera V55 would be able to get the clean/slightly distorted tones you're looking for, but would need a pedal for anything heavier. You may also want to look into some used Vox combos, maybe a Marshall or two.
I've got a Vox Vt-100, and it'll do both RHCP and Protest easily, but, I'd recommend getting an EQ pedal with it, as the amp lacks a bit in the high end.

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