Here is a song im working on right now , its not finished yet though it may sound finished.
please let me know what you think of it so far , and please keep in mind that this whas made with RSE ON.

anyway C4C
The Holy Crusade.zip
is all i can sya.
im very impressed with the song writing ability, and the composition. very hooky guitar parts, very good use of strings.
the only thing i can suggest is when playing this type of music, with the bass, try throwing in fills, like playing the rhythm an octave higher just to make it sound a little more epic, you know? ahaha. i used to do that all the time when i played in my church band as a bass player.

very good job!

ye i understand what you mean , and i must agree with you there

anyway thanks a lot for your crit !
First off, I'll go ahead and admit my foot was tapping along happily.

I like the melody a lot. The song has an epic feel to it as well.

So, now for my small, and unimportant crit.

The tapping section in the intro feels like it's missing something.....a third piece/chord whatever.

The solo fits well, though I think it needs more feeling. Try putting some bends in there and making it longer so it will go with the rest of the epic feel of the song.

That's all I got.

4.5 out of 5! Great job!
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this is preety damn epic...some bits of it ,mainly the intro, reminded me of Valley Of The Damned - Dragonforce..it had that really epic feel to it...the song in general was good...some bits could be made better with a little fill or solo now (inpaticulare bar 69 until the Theme, it could be really good with a few little sweeps like small 3 string ones just dotted in, not Over The Top though :P) and again but other than that solid job dude 9*/10
You have a really good ear for hooks man, and the depth of the sound is really nice and epic! well done. I think it could have done with a bit more direction as it went on, felt as if it was dragging on a bit. I agree with the guy above that you should add a smooth hgh pitched something to complement the chords and arpeggios. Especially in the break at bar 29. Poosibly a bit of distorted lead guitar to add some voice and really drive the piece,
However the song really took me somewhere. I like the hooks around bar 63 and it has a nice mood change in the solo area that leaves the song with a good feeling. make sure to pump the solos volume and feeling!!

Its got a really nice feeling overall. Nice job dude, you have some awesome ideas and really know how to combine tracks.

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hey thanks for your comments

what exactly do you guys mean with "small 3 string ones just dotted in" and "add a smooth hgh pitched something" i mean , can you guys be a bit more precise since its cinda unclear to me about what exactly is missing or not there.