So, being as I mainly use guitars with single-coils, I figure I ought to get a noisegate to fight off the cycle-60 hum. The only problem is, as I'm working on a recording setup, I can't really afford to spend much on a pedal right now, especially since I'm also planning to replace my wah.

A local shop however recently came into a pair of Boss NF-1's from the 1980's. These are selling for less than the modern NS-2's. Simple question; Is this just luck on my part or have noisegates done nothing but improve between now and the 80's?

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my guess is the technology has gotten better but your just going to have to take your guitar and go play through it.


I would think noise suppression would be a lot better than it was in the 80's.
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Yeah it's worth the extra cash to get a quality noise-suppressor made recently. The NS-2 is good but ISP Decimator's are hands down the best around.