I own a sss strat and like bands such as yngwie malmsteen, joe satriani, motley crue, skid row, hendrix, creedence clearwater revival, red hot chilli peppers etc.

This is what I had in mind:

Bridge Pickup - Dimarzio Chopper

Middle - Dimarzio HS4 (YJM)

Neck- Dimarzio Cruiser DP186/ Heavy Blues 2 DP409

What do people think? I'd be awfully greatful thanks!

P.S. Stupid question and I know the answer but need to be 100% sure before I buy...Pickups do not come in left handed models for guitars. Hahaha. Im just being sure so no flaming!! :P

I'm new to pickup changing and stuff and obviously won't do it myself, but would all pickups fit any guitar? Im not talking humbuckers/single coils, but the output and that? Thank you
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That's a nice selection. Also look into Seymour Duncan. Mixing Dimarzio and Seymour gives u a different range of sounds. Like get a Little '59 for Bridge for darker sound (single coil sized humbucker) and dimarzios for bridge and neck
I'd personally go

bridge - Dimarzio Super Distortion S
middle - Duncan Quarter Pound
neck - Dimarzio HS-4 (YJM)

pickups don't come in "left handed"
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Yeah should be good for the neck I'd go with the Heavy Blues 2. I have one myself and its a very fat, creamy, bassy tone
for the bands you have listed *excluding joe satriani, motley crew and possibly skid row* I would think you'd want to go all single coil since thats what they all used instead of humbucking sinlge coils to get that nice raw sound that sparkles. Thats just my logical suggestion.
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