Who would you say are the greatest musicians when it comes to having a great image?

I'll give you a few ideas:

Slash - think the top hat, the huge whiteboy afro, aviators...the goldtop les paul

Angus Young - the schoolboy clothes, the sg, the crazy on your back solos, the SG

Jimmy Page - the double neck guitar, the mane of hair, the dragon suit,

Billy Gibbons - the shades, the hat...THE BEARD! Pearly Gates

Jimi Hendrix - The afro, the flamboyant clothes, the ever - present strat

Eddie Van Halen - That cool suit that matches the Frankenstrat's colours

Anyway, post who you think is the number 1 best at this, pics would be great!

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Thats more based on their fame, the image of someone like Lou Reed is far superior
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