I need help to pick out an amp. Seriously i'm crying over it because i can't choose. I need an amp to put in my room to upgrade from a 9w SS 6-inch speaker for Christmas. I keep on choosing an amp but as soon as i read more on it, it turns out to be a bad choice. I play metalcore, but my main focus is to have better sound quality then my current amp stated above. My budget is $250 and under.

I've been looking into:
Peavy Vypyr 15 (one of my last choices as it's solid state)
Peavy Valveking Royal 8
Vox VT 15 (hybrid amp i believe)
Fender Vibro Champ XD (i not sure itf its good for metalcore)

By the way I have a distortion pedal so it's ok if it got low gain.

Is there any others you guys can recommend. I know one of you is going to day Blackstar or Blackheart and i might look into some used amps, but try to stick to the budget please.
;} KsE
realistically if you go new you will have to look at solid states, for what you want the vypyr would be your best option, if you go used which i would suggest you do you can get a good tube amp for that price but i would suggest you try bring your budget upto about $300 where you should have a decent selection
^ this. Save some more and get a tube used. You will be happier.

Out of that selection, the Vox VT is not bad (not very good, but not bad either). The vypyr is nice but as I have been told u will get tired of it
lets say a situation came where i had to buy the Vypyr or the Vox VT.

Which is better?
;} KsE