This got closed in the pit because it was supposed to be posted in here apparently!

Anyways, I've started to play my guitar a lot less since starting a full time job, so I need motivation to keep playing!

So I've created this blog - http://52weeks52solos.blogspot.com/

I'm going to put a poll on it each week where people can vote for which solo they want me to learn and post a video of the following week.

So yeah, if you're interested it'd be great if you could show your support! I'll be starting 1st January so vote on the poll for the 1st week solo and bookmark the site until then!

Thanks for looking!
cool idea. i went through something similar myself.. i'm doing fine now. play all the time again. if you really love playing that much, especially enough to commit to learning 1 solo a week and posting videos and such, i doubt you'll have much to worry about in finding time to play as life leads on.
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Wow, had 98 votes and still 24 days left till 2010, lol! Maybe I set this up a little too early.

Ah well, thanks for voting everyone!
Thanks to everyone that voted in the poll leading up to the new year! Nothing Else Matters won by a long shot, so a video of me playing that will be up next Friday!

In the mean time, please vote on what song you'd like to hear next week! Link is in my sig!