Noob question, but anyways...

So my band has started to record songs and such, but we have a huge sound issue. For recording we use an mp3 player's mic and sometimes a small camera. Can anyone give a suggestion on what we could use to get actual decent quality when we record?
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A proper microphone and a recording interface?
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If you're wanting to go on the cheap, get something like a Tascam recorder or other sort of field recorder. Position your instruments around it and you can record live that way.

If you're wanting "Professional Sounding" recordings, you're going to need to go the route of investing in microphones and learning about how to place them and whatnot.

http://www.guitarcenter.com/Tascam-GT-R1-Portable-Guitar-and-Bass-Recorder-105125306-i1401677.gc Is what you're looking for.
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Yeah, that's good. We also need to record drums, vocals, and keyboards along with the guitars and bass though so can you give a suggestion on some mics? If we had some mics, we'd have to run them all into a mixer right?

I'm sure you can tell, but when it comes to recording an entire band, I really have no clue.
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