Hi. I know..I've been looking around the forum a bit before writing this up, and realized that as always, there are a lot of "first guitar" threads. But please do bear with me guys and give me some advice..It'll be greatly appreciated.

I'm a drummer (university student) trying to learn guitar, and I already have a classical guitar, but lately I got into blues (BBKing) and wanted to try out electric guitar. Now I have a bit of a budget constraint and have no knowledge whatsoever regarding guitars, so I picked out a list of guitars by designs that I liked..lol

The list is:
1.Epiphone Casino
2. Epiphone Sheraton
3. Epi Les Paul Custom (with 2 pickups)
4. Epi Les Paul Black Beauty
5. Epi Ltd Riviera
6. Epi Joe Pass Emperor

As I said, the list was chosen solely by the looks, and I was able to find the designs that I liked (@ the price I could afford) mostly from epiphone (thus decided to just buy one from epiphone, but I am open to suggestions). I would like versatility in the guitar that I buy so that I can play every genre..(if it helps any, the music I mostly listen to are fusion jazz, blues, british rock..)

As long as the price is under specific budget, I do not care whether a specific model is cheaper than the other; however, a better "bang for the buck" is welcome lol
I know I'm asking a lot, but please help me out guys ! Which guitar should I buy ?

P.S. And I also would like a semi-hollow solely for the purpose of being able to produce some sound unplugged to the amp..This is another consideration..can black beauty make decent sound unplugged ?
For semi-hollow you should get an epi. You can check out the guitar reviews here on the site.