I have a 5-string bass. my band is switching to drop c tuning. because of the nature of the songs its alot easier for me to be in drop c tuning instead of B standard (if thats what its called) so i can go from the open string to a higher fret insead of playing the 1st fret then quickly jumping to the higher frets. how would i go about tuning a 5-string to drop c?
Thinner gauge strings and a set up is what I'd suggest

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Actually no. You want the same guage. Or heavier, depending on how heavy your bands music is. Drop C tuning goes, from thickest string to thinnest, like this: C, G, C, F, A.
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Actually no. You want the same guage. Or heavier, depending on how heavy your bands music is. Drop C tuning goes, from thickest string to thinnest, like this: C, G, C, F, A.

You are aware that tuning from B standard to drop C means that he has to tune up, not down, right? That means that he needs thinner strings to reduce the amount of tension on the neck.
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I think the B to C would be ok with tuning up, since B strings are usually a bit floppy and you're only tuning up 1 semitone. The other strings might give you some problems, since you're tuning up 3 semitones on a string that's already fairly tight. Best case scenario, your strings are still going to be physically harder to play. Worst case, a lot of bow in your neck, and broken strings.

You may be better off tuning your 4 highest strings to drop C (so, B C G C F) or tuning to drop A (A E A D G) and putting a capo on the 3rd fret.
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GCGCF is my choice for playing in Drop C, though for the low G, you'll likely need to buy a separate .145 string - maybe even a .175.

I sometimes play in ACGCF too, though since the A and C are only 3 intervals away, it makes the A string somewhat useless for anything other than octaves.
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I personally can't stand the way the Low B sounds when it''s tuned up to a C, it just sounds to thick. I think it sounds so much better tuned GCGCF.
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You could just play around BEADG, or you could tune to GCGCF, or you could get a 4 and just tune that to CGCF

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I'd go down to GCGCF. It sounds and feels perfectly fine with 45-135, as fully tested and approved by myself and Ryan Martinie.

Agreed. D'Addario sells a set of strings that has a heavier B, E, and A, while the other three (six string set) are regular gauge. I use this to tune down to Drop B on my six string and I have no problem with it. My low B is tuned to a G#, by the way.