quote; "British billionaire Sir Richard Branson will unveil a craft on Monday that could soon carry tourists on an out-of-this-world trip into space -- for a mere 200,000 dollars."

I find this rather exciting. Not too long ago this possibilty was but a dream. Soon like many other things that are just dreams and fiction at first, it will become real. While like most things that start out as basically only available to the wealthy like TV, VCR, DVD, LCD, autos,air travel and such as time goes by it becomes more common and affordable.

We might be living in a era where you and I might be able to see the Earth and space from above first hand. They say those that have done so gain a different view of the world often, maybe we should send all the leaders and politicians for a free flight.
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maybe we should send all the leaders and politicians for a free flight.

Or better yet,make them pay,with their own money.
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A one way flight.


At first I was like, , then I was like,
Good thoughts, make them pay for their own one way flight! A hundred years ago we were first starting to fly a airplane, now we are set to put non astronauts or military persons in space, now we need to go to mars.

Despite many things wrong about human nature, there are good things also and the quest for knowledge and exploration I count as part of the good.