Hey guys. Anyway, in my profile you can find an unmixed, unmastered version of my band's new song "Shhh!". Just some things to remember, we're all still in high school (most of us are 15 or 16) so please be kind. I'm the singer, and I'm 16. Yes I know my voice is high, and I pride myself in it. I also write all the music, minus the drums. I don't know anything about the recording stuff, except the equipment we used, and that it was recorded in Logic. If there's anything else you want to know, just ask. Thanks dudes.
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Wow that is i high voice. It's not my type of music but it wasn't bad
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Your voice is far from what i would consider high. Pretty standard pitch for vocalists in pop-punk (well the pop-punk i listen to). Your vocals are good as well imo.

@r-bizzle: definitely does have an Anthony Green'ness to his voice.

Song sounded good. The chorus didn't really "pop" for me though which is often like the selling point of a pop-punk song.
Wow the Anthony Green comments are really flattering, I used to be huge on Saosin haha. 21Fretter, I'm glad that in your opinion my voice is standard, I've gotten some comments from my friends stating how its "high as fuck" which got me thinking it was like freakish sounding haha.
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