I need some strings for my Ibanez Mikro.
I have been using D'Addario EXL120 XL (Super Light, 9-42) strings because that is what is recommended by Ibanez.

I was wondering if anyone has a better idea for what kind of strings I should use for my guitar

I like to play lots of Classic Rock and Blues (Zeppelin, Floyd, Aerosmith, Hendrix etc...)

If there are some better strings to use I will use them

Thanks, Joe


My Ibanez Mikro also has a wierd tuning problem with the low E.
Whenever I go into Drop-D it makes a click then drops down really low.
how to I fix this?
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Strings wont make much difference to the sound, but heavier gauges will make it sound a bit heavier. Also, the Mikro is short scale, so light gauge strings will be really loose.