Hey, I've got a bit of a situation. I cant seem to get any volume out of my amp. It turns on, and I've tried fiddling with the knobs. The only sound I can get is when I turn the attenuator (thing on the back of the amp that switches wattage) to full. It sounds clear, just very faint, so I'm not sure that the speaker is blown.

Another thing is that I've had issues with the input jack falling into the amp, so could it possibly be a loose connection there?

As well, its said to be a "hybrid" amp, so could it be a tube that needs replacing?

Also of note, I've not yet found a way to open the amp up, and I don't want to force anything for fear of breaking something.

Just trying to save myself the trip to the repairman.

Thanks in advance!
I don't know man. I doubt it is the speaker or that one tube. If you are having issue my guess it has more to do with the modeling chip or software and it will be difficult to diagnose and repair. I doubt it is the insert jack either as I think that is the kinda thing that either works or doesn't work, but since it keeps falling out - I'd get that fixed.