Okay, so I'm looking at guitars with FR and my local guitar shop will get this guitar in for me. (the 200 FM)


Is the Floyd rose special any good? Compared to an OFR is it as good and is it better than Edge III?
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Certainly better than an Edge II, at least over time (where the edge's knife edges wear down while the FR Special's don't seem to).

vs the OFR, the FR Special stacks up quite nicely considering it's so cheap. ESP-LTD use two types of Floyd Rose: 1000 series and Special. Both are ast in Korea, both have steel base plates and saddles and are cast in the same way using the exact same type of machine as the OFRs (which are cast in Germany). The only real difference is the FR Special has a slimmer zinc sustain block; the FR 1000 has a full sized steel sustain block, just like the OFR has (at least it does now; some older ones didn't). Since there is nothign hand crafted about OFRs, there's no reason for the FR-1000 to be any worse than an OFR and the FR Special is exactly the same if you replace the sustain block with a full size steel one. There's really no reason to doubt either of them.
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really the Floyd rose special is perfectly fine!!
If you are worried about tone, just
get a TONE PROS thru body bridge guitar
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Well i just bought an LTD MH-250 QM and so far it's pretty stable Just make sure where the string goes into the bridge to keep the little blocks tight. My string popped out. Twice but I got it tightened properly and now it's perfect And I haven't heard anything bad about it either. THe only thing was previously mentioned is the sustain block
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