Up until now the only amps I've ever owned were a 15 watt peavey practice amp and a 75 watt line 6 spider II. My nephew broke my line 6 not long ago and so now I need something new. However due to these unfortunate times of economic recession that we are in and throw in the fact I just financed a car with thru-the-roof insurance payments, I have very little cash to play with.
Fortunately I found a very affordable practice amp which is all I really need seeing as how I'm not in a band and don't do any gigging. I just need something to amplify myself with.
What can you guys tell me about the Orange 10w practice amp?

I use one when I'm downstairs and I'm not near the rest of my gear...it's not a bad sounding practice amp.
For what you described it should get the job done just fine. Another option might be the smallest available version of the Peavey Vypyr but I haven't personally tried either, just my opinion based on what I've heard about them.
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I'm not sure of how good they are, but you can most definetly find a Peavey Bandit on CL for that much and they are supposed to be some of the best practice amps that you can get.


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If you're on a tight budget and want great tone at home, I'd be looking a software modelling (Revalver III, Guitar Rig, Amplitube etc etc) or maybe a POD.

Cheaper than a Crush, and literally hundreds of times better in terms of tone and flexibility!
And can't you record with them? Also do you need any hardware to connect your guitar?