Sup fellas?

My "band" is in like the finals of some battle of the bands competition, and thing is we are just an acoustic duo right now, and we have to compete with bands who actually have drummers and bassist and everything..

I'm not really sure we can compete with that kind of thing, we must have done okay to get this far, but still, I'm a bit wary.. we don't even know what songs we want to do, we do have a rough idea though, tell me your thoughts on these choices:

It's Not Over - Daughtry
The Reason - Hoobastank
Creeping Up Slowly - Taxiride

We are only allowed to 3 do songs pretty much, because each bands time limit is 15 minutes.. those song choices are like a rough idea, I kinda figured it's like 1 rock song, 1 ballad-esque song, and 1 upbeat song.. pretty decent combination, yeah?

The dude that does lead guitar is awesome though, so we might be able to pull something off.. we also were considering like.. Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol or something..

Any advice here would be appreciated since the finals are actually this coming Sunday..
You need to beat them with emotion, so much that if its a sad song you want to cry, or if its happy it just radiates it.
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Buskers don't draw crowds here.. they get told to piss off pretty much..

Well, I was thinking we could probably get the crowd into "All For You" by Sister Hazel, has a catchy sing-along chorus everyone will know the words too.. but yeah, we already stand up, can't stand sitting down and playing.
..and I project my voice really well as is, confidence is something we do have, but we don't really show, if you know what I mean.

I was thinking we should like, acappella a chorus or something and clap our hands, try get people into it sorta thing.
Have you read the rules of the Battle of the Bands competition? Many set a maximum of covers you are allowed to do during your set (usually 1).
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
Make the crowd clap in beat along with the lead guitarist during a break in a song that just has rhythm going. Instant crowd pleaser.
We're allowed as many covers as we want, we would have liked to do an original, but we haven't got much time to sit down together and make one.
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We're allowed as many covers as we want, we would have liked to do an original, but we haven't got much time to sit down together and make one.

Yep good move. I personally think you're cutting it short for time anyway, so just pick whatever songs sound best together already, rather than what you think would sound good for the crowd.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
Let us, for a moment here, step back and analyze what you are trying to do. Bear with me.

Can a Nascar car compete with a NHRA Top Fuel Dragster on a straight stretch? Absolutely not. But can a dragster compete with my '93 station wagon on a curvy road, no. Why? They are in two different classes.

There is no need to try to compete with bands like that that are in a completely different class. Full bands make use of energy, volume, presence, and power, and there is no way that your acoustic duo can compete on those terms. So you change the terms. Is this a rock venue? If it is, then why are you there? Is it a coffehouse? If so then why are there full bands. I hope you see what I am trying to illustrate. You are trying to get apples to compete in the orange competition. Do what you do. Compete in your own class. You can never out-power a full band, so dont try. You must rely on your strengths and then let the crowd decide what they'd rather hear.

Ever hear of James Taylor? Do you think he tried to out-power every band that he played with? Absolutely not. But did he out-sell just about all the bands he played with? Yes. Because he did what he did, and did it well.
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I'm also in somewhat of an acoustic duo, and like Roxor Mc0wnage said, you shouldn't try to compete in terms of loudness or power, because it's simply not possible. Instead, try to get "power" from the quietness of your music, if that makes any sense. After the other bands go on stage and make alot of noise, you go up there and completely change the game. You will be noticed for being different and less ''aggressive", and it will actually give your performance more 'power' in a sense
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i.e. be funny and mock the other rock bands. unless you're really into those mellow and catchy songs.
no way
We don't get to make it look like we are mellowing the sound down, because we are up first, and we aren't that mellow anyway.

It's tomorrow, we've decided to stick to the songs I posted up in the original post, should be alright..

Everyone who hears us loves us, we just gotta hope they love us more than the other bands.. it's a rock styled battle of the bands, but if we made it this far (finals) then we must be doing something right.. I guess we just keep doing whatever that is and see how it works out.

Sucks we're up first!
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Creeping Up Slowly - Taxiride
It's obviously too late to switch gears now, but I kinda wonder why you chose this one. It's not a bad song, but imho Everywhere You Go or Ice Cream would have been better.
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i got through to the final of a local BOTB, and i came 4th out of 32, after making it through one of 2 heats, which brought 8 to the final, just by playing acoustic songs.

the best thing to do, in my opinion, is just be yourselves, and provide a refreshing change for the audience. most bands at the BOTB (and the eventual winners) were forms of metal, but i did so well because people liked the change.

maybe make light of the fact of how you stand out might help, as that got me brownie points with the judges, for just doing what i do, and not changing it. also TS, going on first isnt always a bad thing, because i went up first in the final, and i was told by one of the judges that it set the benchmark for the evening, plus most people had left by the last band.

hope that helped
Well we rocked out to pretty much no audience.. and full came dead last.

We didn't find out it was for original artists until the awards were given out at the end, makes me wonder why they didn't tell us it was an original competition when we entered with 2 covers..

But yeah, we got told we'll be in the next battle of the bands I think, and now that we know it's all about originals, it's time to get some down.