OK, I've been playing guitar for over 4 years and been learning music for 7 or 8 years. But I don't know anything about Lap Steel guitars and want to learn. I HAVE learnt John Butler Trio's song "Treat Yo Mama" on my guitar in lap steel tuning and using a slide, but I don't know anything about the instrument.

I want to pick it up and hopefully put some lap steel into my bands music, but I don't know which lap steel would be best suited to me and my bands style (We are Alterative Rock/Punk, but we experiment with all sorts, eg Stoner Rock, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Hardcore, Blues, etc.). For all I know there might not be a "best" one for my style and my bands music, but thats why I'm asking, to know for sure.

I live in Australia and have been looking at this website - http://www.guitarfactory.net/Folk/Lap_Steels.htm - and I've seen a few things I like the look of. If you know anything about Lap Steels can you please give me your opinion of the best one for me, a beginner with an Alternative Rock band? I'm looking for something less than $900.
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I play an SX lapsteel, and it definitely gets the job done. Tuners suck on it, though. Was only 110 bucks.

Other than that, look for a used Gretsch or Rickenbacker. I've seen them around 2-500 bucks on craigslist and Ebay.