I'm in the market for some good head phones. Max budget is bout $300, was looking at some sennheisers, bose quietcomforts, and beats by dr. dre(because of the cool factor). Mostly looking for sound quality but looks are always a plus. Would like noise cancelling because a lot of times when i'm listening (ie swim meets, air plane) there is a lot of ambient noise.
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I'm not very experienced with headphones, but from what I've heard and have experienced, Bose are overpriced.

Good luck with your search!
Beyerdynamic makes some of the best sounding, best comfort headphones on the market. Also check out Audio Technica.
coming from someone who uses head sets at swim meets all the time noise cancelling is a godsend if you arent talking to other people. I personally used Bose, i love the sound out of them
I actually just got back from trying a bunch of headphones.

Beats by Dr. Dre are way too bass heavy IMO, Bose Quietcomfort do a phenomenal job at noise canceling but the sound isn't on par with other $300 headphones, Sennheisers tend to sound good, provided you get something in a decent range. Just a question, are you looking for over ear, around ear, or in ear?
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there's not much point in spending over 150 for some cans unless you're doing top studio stuff, but even then most studio guys dont use phones for important enough stuff to justify it.

i've got some Ultrasones right now that are quite nice, however my last ones were Sennheisers HD280s and were wonderful. the Sens were the best i've personally tried, and i recommend them to pretty much everyone who's in the market.

EDIT: that first comment doesn't apply to those looking for fancy noise cancellation. didn't read that part of your post...
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Look into some Grado headphones, they make quality stuff. Beyerdynamics are also great, as are higher end Sennheisers.


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AKG, Sennheiser.

You don't need any other brands imo.
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Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro-80's. I own a pair, freaking amazing quality for >$150