Okay, so basically, I'll record something, but it won't play back.

I'll play my guitar next to the condenser mic. The mic is hooked up fine with phantom power and everything, and it shows that its recording on the portastudio. Then I'll rewind back to 0.00, and press "play." The numbers will start to move, and it will show that the recorded material is being played, however there are NO sounds coming out of the speakers.

I've assigned the right tracks, made sure I was pressing both recording buttons, had the volume on the track number and master volume up pretty considerably high, and have basically done everything the manual has told me to do, and yet I still don't get any sounds played back. I've also hooked up the 2 speakers that came with the portastudio to the portastudio in the "Return Left and Right" holes, and have both speaker's volumes up considerably high.

I have no idea what the problem is, someone please help?