I just started working on little wing tonight. Some of this feels so unnatural to my hand/fingers. Such as:


I have trouble getting the hammer on and pull off due to the way my first finger has to be. Later on it's same idea but on the A and D string, which is just beyond weird.
My neck almost feels to big for it, or maybe my hands just aren't use to it. Using a 9.5 radius C shape. Any suggestions on what might be going on? I'm playing most of it hendrix style(thumb over the neck) with other parts thumb behind because I just physically can't do it with thumb over, though in a way its more comfortable..
you don't need your thumb over the neck at all times
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you don't need your thumb over the neck at all times

No, that's right, you don't! In fact, having your thumb over the neck all the time is actually a very bad idea...

When you bar the third fret for this lick, make your your finger lies right next to the fret on EVERY STRING you want to sound (i.e. along the length of your finger should be against the fret).
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^That. The thumb has nothing to do with this particular section.

yeah but .... when i play it my thumb is kind of creeping over the neck of the guitar, because you're playing the bass of the G first and THEN that little double stop.
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