Hey, I just uploaded "industrial idea" & the shuffle riff songs/riffs on my profile, any comments or criticisms are welcome.

C4C, any feedback is welcome.

Nice mixing/tones, sounds really well produced, very soundtrack-esque. Are these your tracks or did you use some sort of program? Im very curious as to what software you are using because the stuff on your profile all sounds fairly pro.

Tone is a little thin (needs a lil more midrange) on the shuffle song and the distortion sort of clashes with the piano, but that may just be my taste.

c4c? "Paths"
wow, thanks - basically my setup is guitar -> pod xt live -> computer/ reaper. I might actually rerecord the shuffle song thing its not that great tone / playing wise! Any synths I used are free vst's that can be found round the web EXCEPT the drums on 'how to frisk a porcupine' which i used EZdrummer.
sounds really cool, kinda like the backround music for a intense videogame or movie. I would really like a sick guitar solo ripping through the track and for it to be a little longer, but its pretty good, thanks for the crit
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That industrial track is awesome. Really well mixed too, got a great punch. One think I would fit though is some h-on/p-off riffs, I don't know what their proper name is, the ones where you hammer on a fret then pull off to the open string. So like 7 0 8 0 5 0 7 8. That would fit in nicely, just a thought.

It's very good though reminds me of a typical Hollywood action film, right in the scene where the main character walks into a nest of enemies with a weapon in each hand.

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