Why is it Tool has no energy or flow in the music live. They kind of just stand around judging by the videos ive seen, any reason why?

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Just go see em live and you'll see for yourself.

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They don't need to move around for their music. It speaks for itself.
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whoa man this is turning into the Dream Theater appreciation thread!!! If only every thread kicked this much ass!

You're welcome
is this the part where a tool fan comes in and writes a paragraph about how incredible and better than every other thing in the world tool is?
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Well it would look pretty retarded if they were jumping around and whatnot during their shows.
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You obviously haven't seen Maynard choke one of his fans on stage
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There's a vast difference between what you see on videos and what it's like actually being there.

If you like the music, make sure you do go if you get the chance.
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Alright, I'll give them a try, Japanese Black Speed rarely disappoints.

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dude, from the shows that my friends have seen with tool at them that maynard guy is a nutjob, he literally turds onstage, and says really bad jokes :P