First of all ill start with the positives
I am a huge dylan fan, and your lyrics def have dylanesque moments.
I actually enjoyed the lyrics they have so much potential.

your chords are OK and they work and do there job nothing thats gonna blow you away but they do work.

forgive me and i know i'm a really bad singer but i thought your voice was thin, weak and young sounding. If your vocals had more emphasis/emotion in certain parts such as
yet you still moan yet you still groan part for example

I did enjoy it though. So keep it up kidda

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Having an actual melody for the vocals would make this a whole lot better; dylan sings that way because his voice just isnt naturally suited for singing, Im willing to bet with some practice you could do alot better (you are actually projecting well on this, I dont think it sounds thin at all. you just dont have a melody and thats easily fixed). Lyrics are fantastic, assuming you were going for dylans lyrical style. The guitar could be louder by a good margin, and its hard to tell but im pretty sure its a little out of tune (sounds like the g).

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yeah to be honest the vocals were bad. definitely work on keeping your voice in tune. The chords were decent, but they dont need to be mind blowing with lyrics like those. Again, practice with your voice everyday and im sure you can get there. But i definitely liked the lyrics a lot
its bad man. im not gonna sugercoat it. the rythem got old quick, the lyrics dident make sence, and you tried to sing like bob dylan. you have potential, but i dont think this tune does. then again it sounds like you are younger then 10 so with that in mind its not that b ad. i will say this was fun to listen to. keep working at it man. you have potential.

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