I thinks it's dildos.
Nah, that's pretty cool, actually. Will it have color?
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Obviously a black and white photo.

Just kidding, that's amazing.
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nice man. are those frets accurate?
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Add a floyd rose for the lulz.
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What's that thing at the very top of the body, under the neck?
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It was done in softimage xsi
I'm adding some basic texture for the final project, wich is a small animation where a dude is backstage, walks on stage, the case opens and there's the guitar. I'm limited since we have some restraints on the texture sizes and all that stuff but so far it looks like this:

oh and by the way the frets are as accurate as I could make them. I own that guitar so I had plenty of time to figure out everyting. But yeah, basicall it is proportionnal and everything.
Can I play it when your done?
That's sweet man.
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thats insaine!









Pretty cool, what software did you use for that?
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Good stuff! The neck seems a little long to me though.
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thats pretty tight man keep up the good work
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Very cool, though I wish you would have gone with a Gibson acoustic just because of the headstock. Something like a J-180 would have been awesome.

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I made this one not to long ago and I even shopped it into Satch's hands! He was actually typing on a keyboard in the original photo so I just stuck a guitar in there..