Ok so my first question is I'm getting a Egnater rebel 20 because I love the tones after playing it tonight but I do occasionally get into heavier than it can go so my first question what would be a good pedal to get me heavier tones thats less than about 75$? Also Should I get the egnater 1x12 cab for 250 or is there a better cab for this price or less. I'd like a 2 or 4x12 so I can add additional heads later but im not sure on the quality.
You might find a Digitech Hardwire Tl-2 for the $75 second-hand, as it's $99 new... and as for the cab, I'm sure that for $250 you can find a good 2x12. Framus FR212 cab is around the price range and it's got 2 12" Celestion Vintage 30 speakers, so it's pretty much a safe buy.

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