That is right folks, the 2010 official release boss TU-3 is now out, at least in Japan.


+-1 cent accuracy.

Still no true bypass. Has brighter leds for outside daytime gig.

USD 129.99 official price.


So which one is it for you? Wait for the TU-3 /preorder or buy korg Pitchblack with true bypass?

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To me, a tuner is a tuner. But I like the pitchblack, because of true bypass, and I think it looks cooler.
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Korg hands down.
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pitchblack because it's TB and it's smaller and it's cheaper and it looks cooler and you don't have to wait to get one.
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Just picked one up today for 89 bucks at my local guitar shop. Dear Lord do i love Mom 'n Pop style guitar shops. Chains can suck a big one. I got a brand new TU-3 for 89, it works like a CHARM. BRIIIILLIANT tuner. Can't believe i ever got in tune without one, and i never was in tune as well as i am now. Hot diggity!
BOSS, love their reliability. BTW love the quote in ur sig nightraven
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Spending more than $50 on a tuner is stupid.
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