Not a "oh one of those... *rolls eyes.. click X*" website. This one is actually Legit! I started like a week ago and so far I got 1 dollar in the mail and a pack of Dunlop picks (yippie!!).
I made about 7 bucks so far and I know it doesnt sound like much but its free.. just for clicking around doing stupid surveys.
I dont spend too much time on this site, maybe i should spend more but if you ever find yourself mindlessly surfing the net you could be making some money instead.

There are a bunch of youtube tutorials (don't waste your time with "hack" tutorials those are all bull) showing you how to do the surveys fast and get your points fast. and proof that people actually get stuff from this site.
I've tried alot of these gpt sites and alot of them are wack, this is the best I've found so far.

Tips: I recommend getting some kind of auto-fill program (i use roboform) to fill in the blank fields like "name" "city" and all that. It sucks having to type all that junk.

I also recomend a firefox addon called greasemonkey. It automatically clicks the "no" option on the surveys and goes to the next page so you can sit back and grab a sandwich while the greasemonkey does most of the survey for you.

check it out guys.
Oh one of those... *rolls eyes... and clicks X*

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