What is this Gibson Maestro stuff that's coming out now...? How is it any different from Epiphone?
much cheaper, both in construction and materials. i'm sure there are a few "medium" range models somewhere, but for the most part these are the types of electric guitars you see for sale in target, walmart, and toys r us.
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Yeah, super cheap plywood stuff made in china to be sold in non-music stores to people who don't know any better.
a plywood guitar ?? that can't be good
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Why would Gibson do this...? That is disappointing... I guess they can make a good bit more money, especially around christmas time with some cheap crap like that... Maybe it will make me feel better about my Epi LP custom, though!
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Why would Gibson do this...?
I love the common misconception that any company with a serious heritage is somehow above making money.

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Maybe it will make me feel better about my Epi LP custom, though!
Your Epiphone is what your Epiphone is. The existence of Maestro doesn't make Epiphone a better brand.
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