im getting new amp and everything so please post pedal suggestions for best metal sound and best amp. thankssss
Gigging yes/no?
Price range?

Give us somthing to base off of.
around 200-400 for an amp, and then the best pedals under 100 for a good metal sound. thanks a ton man
First off, pedals dont give the best 'metal' sounds. Unless your playing blues/indie stuff tube distortian gives the best metal. However depending on if you gig or not take the extra $100 and put it towards your amp. Spend the most you can on your amp.

I suggest scanning Craigslist. Line 6 has good modeling practice amps. The 2-12" is decent for many small band practices. If you want a 4-12" stack you can get a 5150 for around $450 if you know how to bargain. You'd have to look into speaker cabs though.
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peavey tube vypyr 60. Thats about the only tube amp in your range that can get metal. You can get a blackstar ht-5 but you will need an overdrive and in my opinion the ht-5 is a little overated.