Not if you want a necklace.
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BEHOLD!!!! http://www.guitarcenter.com/The-Golden-Touch-Sterling-Silver-Pick-110210-i1123504.gc

The silver one is a bit more reasonable for $20 but I couldn't justify spending $200 on a pick. It says it give a unique sound... Hmm it actually might be interesting.


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It's meant to be jewelry. I don't see a problem here.
For the right person it could be a pretty cool gift.
well besides the fact that playing with a gold pick would be the awsome maybe it has a different sound but since i lose most of my picks it would be a huge waste of money
I think they are intended for women to buy men on their birthdays as a gift failure.

First of all, we all know that guys play an instrument, and chick **** them for it. Second of all, we also know that some blonde ditz is going to be like "ooo, shiny"
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Gold is an awfully soft metal. I'd imagine it'd get scratched all to hell rather quickly if you were using it for playing with.

I've got a couple stainless steel and copper picks that I use from time to time. I'll stick to those for playing. It'd be an interesting gift if your girlfriend was a guitarist or something.
I've played with metal picks a few times, and I liked the sound quite a bit. So I would be curious to see how this sounds. If I had the money.
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I have figured it out....

It is to be used as Jewelry + it has the 'detachable' feature to be used when needed as a pick. I'd say it's excessive, but not useless....
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I get that it's jewelry... I guess it's just a little strange at first glance. People spend money on crazy things, like the Russians and their weather machine.