where do you buy any fuses? radioshack, lowes, home depot, anywhere that sells electronics...just find your user manual or consult the back of the amp for the proper fuse specs
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take the fuse you have to a hardware store. Ace or Home Depot will do, get a 500ma fuse of the same style. an automotive parts store like O'Reilly's or Autozone will have the same type you need also.
Yeah, I guess I'll have to. I really needed to order em online, but oh well.

guitarted, I'm sorry that I've been making you constantly repeat yourself

You can order it online. Just match the mA of the fuse and get one rated for the same voltage or higher, slow-blo, and the right size. There are a billion electronics sites that will have them. It's not a proprietary fuse or anything, it's a very standard part.

Here, the slow-blo on the right side here are the right kind, just pick the right size of the two, and the mA rating which is listed on your fuse:
Most amps have the bigger size, I'd be quite surprised if it were the smaller one. I assume that you have a dime you can check it against though, I hear they're ten to a dollar these days.
OK, still searching, because I'm an idiot. My dad went to a bunch of hardware stores, even radio shack and wal-mart, and he didn't get any fuses. I don't think I gave him enough info for them to give him a fuse, but oh well. I've been searching, and I found this: http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2103769 Does anyone who has experience with the AD30 know if this is the exact kind for it?