hey guys.
at the moment im lacking a job since ive chosen not to get one as im about to start my final year of school and i need all the time i can get for it, but my parents have said theyll buy me a ~$300 (australian) pedal under the proviso that i learn/play classical gas for aunt (shes a massive fan of it) by the end of january.

classical gas is not a problem. provided i practise, ill have it up and running at full speed in 2-3 weeks, 3-4 if i choose to change it a little.
the problem is that my parents wont give me cash that i can save; its just a one off spend sort of thing - take it or leave it. if theyd give me cash instead, id put the money towards an amp. i figured getting something that can serve me in the long run is better than nothing at all - a $300 amp wont get me any sort of improvement, so i decided pedal is probably the best way to go.

a couple of weeks ago i had a very long list of possible pedals to get, but im at a loss as to which one.
i currently have a delay and a wah.

since i have a modelling amp, do you reckon an eq would be a better choice over dist or od? my (extra) reasoning is that the amp i get in the future may or may not need a dist or od pedal whereas an eq would tend to get used more (i think?).

as for phasers, flangers, choruses etc, theyd only really come in handy once in a while.

at the moment im thinking mxr 10-band eq unless people heavily oppose it (in which case, please suggest another pedal)
Pedal GAS?
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Modeling amps don't take pedals fantastically well...
Buy your pedals off eBay in America, you'll get them between a third and half the price depending on the pedal. for example, you can land the MXR M-108 your talking for about 150 (depending on the strength of the dollar at the time)

Pickup swap wont make much difference either. You could get yourself a nice overdrive for when you do eventually buy a tube amp? Just a thought, trust me, I'm forever looking for a better overdrive -.-
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The 10 band could be a helpful pedal since you can use it with your next amp and it would be useful to helping you shape your signal before it hit the preamp stage, however, generally modelling amps don't like pedals at all.

I'd recommend getting something you can use later when you upgrade amps... like a Fulltone OCD or something along that line. Just don't expect it to do much for your current amp.
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Well whatever pedal you get, get it from the US. Much more value for money.

Maybe look into a boutique distortion pedal like the Wampler Triple Wreck or one of the many Plexi-in-a-box pedal you can get.