Nice song you got there , here is my more detailed crit

Intro :
Very nais way to build up , although the lead starting at bar 10 could have been a lot more catchy ,

Verse :
The transition from Intro to Verse sounds very abrupt , not very interesting , and out of key imo

Chorus :
Was very nice and had a good rhytm , although i expected it to repeat after bar 37 , but it went off in a different direction and it sorta dissrupted the chorus for me.

Verse :
i like the melody line you put over the verse from bar 50 to 73 , i also liked it when the lead came in at bar 66 , though it could have been more dynamic.

Solo :
ouch , that whas hardly a solo , the whole section was "ok"

Outro :
was in style with the intro's and sounded right

so overall id say this lacks some chord structure and needs a more defining lead and a whole lot better solo ! , and i never really got the "epic" feel nor did it build up to something epic , it just sorta drags on and on , only the intro's felt cinda right for an epic song.

anyway dont take this to harsh , i think the idea is there , and its good , but you need to put a lot more work into it for it to become epic.


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Hmm lesse.

The intro seems a bit Bleh. it's a good riff, but it's just THERE. lol. Try to have it build up a little?

the first solo needs more than just straight eight notes. Throw some rhythms in there!

i really like the switch between the chorus back to the intro riff

I like the idea of the vocals in the next verse. Gets kinda annoying though >_>''

Now that i think about it i think you should speed up the verse riff.

Good stuff! i like the chord prgression and the melodies, the problem i see is that your solos tend to be a bit bland. you should try spicing em up. ^_^

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