so my marshall jcm900 had beat up black tolex when i got it, with white stars spraypainted here and there.. needless to say.. ugly! Now at the time I didn't have any money or know how about redoing amps so I looked for a quick fix. Colored duct tape.
(i dont have any pictures of the head in its original state sorry)

why maroon? I have no idea! looked cool to me.
it held up pretty well and looked surprisingly good.. from a short distance. after a while of pulling it in and out of a van for shows it got sorta beat up.

Then came the wise idea to recover it to match my orange 4x12(orange tolex with a tan faceplate) So I did some research, bought the tolex and after a couple days of work and help from some friends...

BOOM!(sorry for the big pictures..they really need to be big to appreciate!)
i wasnt about to spring 23 bucks for a whole yard of tan grille cloth just for the faceplate, so I settled and just painted it.
I need to put the corners back on and get a new vent but other than that its done!

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bumping arfter half an hour, i should not have to report you.

but im not gonna... but just dont do that again.
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You deserved this, Matt.
Looks nice!
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thanks guys! its supposed to look like the 70s marshalls they put out with the orange levant tolex.. but mostly match my orange cab