Hey guys,
Just up with another set of lyrics I just wrote. Surprisingly it's inspired by Russian Roulette by Rihanna. I'll leave it up to you guys to interpret.

Comments, feedback and crit appreciated!


One chance in six
Lies in the barrel
These holes stare into me
Both so cold

Yet it does not cool the epileptic hand
That cries fear from the pores
The very same that lie in my head
The taste takes the very thing it was

Prove the mind is stronger than the hand
And keep death fast at your head
Five chances to live weaker than one to die
What could happen more obvious than what wouldnt

Is it right for something a part of me
To trigger the black eternity?
How it kills to know
I may not live *

The Lady will decide my fate
Though I disrespect her
By forcing my gun to her breast
Will she hate me for it?
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cheers my friend! i suppose you could sing this, but it's actually meant for a heavy metal song haha