Hey guys, I really need some advice here. Im deciding Im going to start learning songs by ear rather than just looking at tabs, but the other thing is that I've been wondering if I should just start buying more CDs and vinyls so that I can learn how to get better at playing guitar? You see when I download music off from the computer at times it can get annoying that I may not have enough space or the songs I want to learn arent available on certain programs. And you see this may seem kind of silly but I want to learn how to the same way many other musicians have learned in the past. Im pretty sure they didnt have tabs or computers back then , so they had CDs or vinyls and they will learn by ear. If they can get as good just from that I want to do the same, but I dont know how to go about this process so please guys help me out here so I can start progressing a lot better.

Thank you
You ought to learn playing by ear, yes. PC's are most suitable for this, but that doesn't mean you should pirate music. you can still by CD's and rip them off to your computer and not lowball the band you're buying a CD of.
I havn't bought an album from a store on a longggg time. It;'s been years. I buy all of my music off of Itunes and it is great. I buy the cd/song, put it all onto a cd, and throw it into my Tascam. Then I can change the key of the music, slow down the tempo, and loop certain parts. I think it's great to help develop your ear for music.

Get one of these...

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Buy a new hard drive.

If the technology is available to you, use it. Learning from tabs or guitar pro files (or even YouTube videos) isn't a bad thing - as long as you're not lazy and actually take in and analyse what you're playing. It should fast track you in building a library of riffs and licks, as well as developing an understanding of intervals in context.
Download. It's not piracy, it's for educational purposes.
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Are there any other products like this?

I would look it up myself, but I have no idea what to call one of these things.

Searching for "guitar trainer" only gets the Tascam models.
There must be other manufactures that have similar products.
A lot of songs I know I taught myself by ear, and God, I hated about 90% of it.

Don't you know any songs by bands you like that you don't know? Try learning those by ear. Whats really fun is when you get into trying to figure out lead lines and harmonies...
Its okay to start learning things with tabs, as long as you arent just reading the tabs, but instead internalising the sounds, the difference between major and minor chords, the difference between intervals. That, in itself, will help you build your ears.

The most obvious way to learn by ear is to take a program like transcribe, windows media player, VLC player or Audition and slow something down to listen. Take like two bars of music on repeat and mess around on guitar till you know them. After a few years at it (yes, I just said YEARS: an instrument takes work) you'll be able to pick up on it much faster and after figuring out the first note your ear will be able to lead you to the next interval.