Hi guys,

I have a Roland JC-120 amplifire from 1994 or 1995.

These days, the knobs are behaving bad. The volume knob of channel 1 is completely out of control that I can not control the volume at all. When I turn it, it only response with cracks or extreme volume changes. And since that knob started acting weird, other knobs tend to go toward that. Now the volume knob of channel 2 can only give me either complete silence or extreme loudness.

What can I do except sending this huge amp to an engineer? Can I just do it at home on my own and how?

Thanks guys.
if you have to ask what's wrong, you'll probably not have the knowledge/skill to fix it

If it were just one knob, I'd think it were a problem with the pot like the pot resistor went bad but beings it seems they are all going bad at the same time it might be something else. I'd take it in to a local repair shop.
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