I have been been playing guitar for 4 months. i play an ibanez 170dx. few days ago i broke the truss rod and i figured out that the only option i had was to replace the neck.so for fun sake i tore apart the previous neck and i found out that if i had a neck as thin as the neck without the fretboard (or even a bit thicker) i could play with great ease. long story short i have small hands thick fingers and i like thinner necks compared to the one on mine. Should i buy the same grg neck or a wizard II neck( these are my only two options) .is a wizard II neck thinner? i am a newbie player so please help me....
if the shoe fits, wear it.

but im not sure you would be able to findout if it fits without buying it....

though im 99% sure the wizard II is thiner than the neck you have now.
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