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Months into the future, miles down the road, the flowers started blooming again. Only red ones. They were so ugly, everyone hoped not to see any. Most people were still pretending to be in a vodafone add at christmas, where everything and everybody was happy and unworried. He was as damp and as gray as the town. He kept all her poems in a box under his bed, but he didn't think about them much. Sometimes he remembered the time when he was ill and she would visit him. Sometimes he remembered that summer they'd spent together talking about their future. They'd made plans about escaping and starting a new life, far away from all this trouble, far from this place between two chairs, beyond this rotten bridge where they had to meet in the middle. She'd told him „We need a saw, some dynamite and one of those rock borers I had from LEGO when I was young. I think if we start soon and keep our schedule tight and I think if we calculate well and work hard day and night, I think, that we might make it. You and me.“ He said a spoon would be enough for them to flee.

Your friend Clotho is laughing rudely
while we get tangled in the strings
the strings that hold us, we think
the strings in which we're caught, she knows
on which we'll hang

And so we work and make and form and destroy and kick and struggle
and kiss and peck at our necks and lie to eachother and think it'll be alright.

Until she brings this other mate of hers along, the silent one, who looks in your eyes only once.

„Member when we went 'round town to paint flowers at the ugliest spaces? Where nothing was blooming, we'd throw blue and green and orange. They hated us.“ He was holding her tight that night the world collapsed. She was very scared, but she didn't cry. They had ice cream and cake, she made only tiny bites and blamed it on the atmosphere. „Member the camera on the ceiling?“, he said, licking the spoon. She shook her head. „They're not watching us anymore. Our program's become much too long. And it's boring because there's no fighting.“ She was probably right, who would be interested in two kids in the basement. They started to fade, as one after another switched them off. Their hair lost color, their skin became pale. She took his hand and placed some words into it, quiet but strong:

Time flies- on broken, sorrow wings
nights pass, as do a lot of things
I fall, with water leaves and sand
through miles and miles you'll hold my hand

He won't ever forget how suddenly, there was a flower blooming on her chest, bright as a poppy. He embraced her as it got bigger and bigger, as it crept onto his shirt, and he didn't let go of her until she went cold.