Seing as MoogleRancha missed his, i thought id fill in with an old playlist I made, just till he gets it up, or it gets to friday and Eazy-C uploads his. I hope no one minds.


Ive called this one, the pipes are calling, because, as you may have guessed, they all feature bagpipes or other pipes.
I could be a bit hit and miss, as I know a lot of people arn't overly keen on the sound of bagpipes. also there are 2 non metal tracks in here.

Arkona - Skvoz Tuman Vekov
Russian 'Pagan Folk Metal'im sure most people who like the genre have come across them. although it uses whistles and jew harps initially, the pipes do come in eventually. Not my favortie by them, but my favorite featuring the pipes.
From: Vo Slavu Velikim !

Black Tartan Clan - White Crosses
Celtic Punk from Belgium. I came across this on a compelation called Iron Age: vol. 1. wich is mainly pagan black metal bands. But the catchieness drew me in to this song. very Dropkick Murphies esque. which brings me to the next track...
From: Demo

Dropkick Murphies - Last Letter Home.
I nice energetic song with a catchy melody on the bagpipes. Aparently it was correspondence between American Sgt. Andrew Farrar and his family before his death in the current Iraq War.
From: The Warriors Code

Ensiferum - Victory Song
This was my foavorite song for ages, and contains a more subtle use of pipes than previous tracks. One of my favorite chorus' ever too.
From: Victory Songs

Folkstone - In Taberna (In Vino Veristas)
Itallian Folk Metal (some might say there was an element of medieval music) due to the 'medieval bagpipe' (aparently) quite a nice tune.
From: Folkstone

In Extremo - Liam
Quite well know amongst fans of 'medieval metal' (or if your like me jsut folk metal). usualy i dont liek this band much. but this track has a nice catchy chorus and intro.
From: Mein Rasend Herz

Skiltron - Skiltron
Folk/Power Metal from Argentina. I love everything about this song. even if the scottish guy at the staryt is a tad cheesy. great song, great use of pipes. highly reccomend this one.
From: Beheading The Liars

Suidakra - The IXth legion
Id say Folk/Death metal from germany. this doesnt use traditional folk instruments throughout, but has a nice bagpipe solo twards the end.
From: Caledonia

Enjoy (I hope)

edit: Ive just read through, apologies for the Atrocious Spelling

DEC 11 eazy-c
DEC 18 woodenbandman
Christmas Day Special Cianyx
New Years Day Special Psychopathology
JAN 8 piratemetalhead
JAN 15 \Powerslave/
JAN 22 Scourge441
JAN 29 Lappo
FEB 5 CG Man
FEB 12 VampireGoldfish
FEB 19 SeveredSurvival
FEB 26 andyscoot
MAR 05 AnnihiSlateR
MAR 12 Guitar_Dan_666
MAR 19 raincoffin
MAR 26 DawnWalker
APR 02 The Wildchild
APR 09 Vanshaya
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