Why did Zooper Dooper choose to theme their icey treats with space?
I don't understand the connection.
Am I missing something here? Or has TS just ingested some of the restricted fungi from the strawberry forest?

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wow they still make them? if they do im gonna buy me a pack

gonna be goooooooood!
hey hey hey !
I haven't had a Zooper Dooper in ages. When I was younger I was also wondering this question.

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Zooper Dooper
The Coolest Taste in the Universe

"The coolest taste in the universe" is a cosmic selection of water ices that come in both 35 and 70ml tubes.

Zooper Dooper multipacks contain a range of cool flavours such as Fairy Floss Force Field, Deep Space Lime, Bubblegum Quasar and Space Pineapple.

And now try our Magical new flavours in Zooper Dooper Magic: Jaffa Jetstream, Galactic Grape, Toffee Apple Taser or Solar Sherbet.
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