I can't seem to ever get the option of routing the output sound to my computer speakers, while running my guitar line through my m-audio delta 44 box to its card. I've used the supplied delta ASIO drivers, as well as ASIO4all software. I'm using all this with FL Studio, but even on standalone amp sims, it doesn't seem to wanna route it through my comp speakers, it seems to only wanna run the output through my delta box's output. Maybe this is just the way the circuit's are on the delta 44 card, and it acts as a master?

Not exactly sure, but just wanted to run it by the recording community to see if they ever had the same problems with anything they used to run their guitar in, as I'm tired of having to run the output to my delta box's output, lining into my amp.

I'm doing all of this mostly because I play guitar, but I've wanted to get me a bass guitar lately as well, and would like to avoid buying a bass amp (or running a bass through a reg guitar amp) if I could, and still be able to get a live channel through my comp speakers.

I'm begginning to wonder if a normal card that people buy to directly plug their guitars into the card itself would solve this problem - as it's their main acting sound card from then on, no?

Thanks for any reply! Looking forward to seeing some tips on this
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you have to plug your speakers into the output of the m-audio. Computer speakers will pluginto the stereo output. Most interfaces/external soundcards have a stereo output, and monitor outputs.